John Muckler
Edmonton Oilers
"A stepping stone for minor hockey players in preparation for the pros."
Ted Green
Edmonton Oilers
"An exceptional coaching tool to teach accuracy and reaction skills."
Cal Phare
"Our team has used the Shooter Tutor for the past three months and we have noticed a steady improvement in our players' shooting accuracy. Our team has only one goaltender so it really helps us out in two way shooting drills."
Clare Drake
University of Alaberta Golden Bears
"An exciting new concept in the development of shooting skills. Challenging and fun."
Lawrence Aksenchuck
Old Timers Hockey Player
"Quite often we cannot get a goaltender for a game. Before we got the Shooter Tutor we would turn the net upside down or hang a sweater from the crossbar. The Shooter Tutor is more challenging and plays better than our goaltender."
Ryan, Chad & Jason Burden
"It's awesome! We take our Shooter Tutor to the rink for shinney. Our friend has one so we have a Shooter Tutor for each net."

Larry Hoffman/Hugh Newell
Hockey School Instructors
"We experimented with the Shooter Tutor last summer at hockey school and were impressed with the benefits in provided. It allowed us more time to spend with our goaltenders while the players practiced shooting. We were able to get in more instruction as many players could shoot at the same time not having to wait for the goaltender to reposition himself."

Peter Millar & Barrie Stafford
Training Staff Edmonton Oilers
"The Shooter Tutor has become part of our equipment. We use it at every practice and because of its light weight we pack it in the stick bag and take it with us on the road."

James W. Barton
Sport Psychologist
"Shooter Tutor represents an innovative educational tool designed to enhance goal scoring performance by directing the hockey player's attention towards selective spatial awareness in the development of goal shooting accuracy."